Test Distribution Planning


What athletes is USADA responsible for testing and results management / adjudication?


The United States Olympic Committee (USOC), USOC-recognized National Governing Bodies for sport, (NGBs) and the World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) Code have authorized USADA to test as well as adjudicate anti-doping rule violations for any athlete who:
  • Is a member or a license holder of a USOC-recognized sport NGB

  • Is participating at an Event or Competition sanctioned by the USOC or a USOC-recognized sport NGB or participating at an Event or Competition in the United States sanctioned by an International Olympic Committee-recognized International Federation (IF) for sport.

  • Is a foreign athlete who is present in the United States

  • Has given his/her consent to Testing by USADA or who has submitted a Whereabouts Filing to USADA or an IF within the previous 12 months and has not given his/her NGB written notice of retirement

  • Has been named by the USOC or an NGB to an international team or who is included in the USADA Registered Testing Pool (USADA RTP) or is competing in a qualifying event to represent the USOC or NGB in international competition

  • Is a United States Athlete or foreign Athlete present in the United States who is serving a period of ineligibility on account of an anti-doping rule violation and has not given prior written notice of retirement to the his/her NGB and USADA or the applicable foreign anti-doping agency or foreign sport association

  • Is being tested by USADA under authorization from the USOC, an NGB, IF, any NADO, WADA, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), International Paralympic Committee, (IPC), or the organizing committee of any Event or Competition.

Test Distribution Planning Allocation

When developing its Test Distribution Plan, a plan for efficient and effective allocation of Testing resources, USADA’s considerations are consistent with WADA’s International Standards for Testing (IST). These standards, at a minimum, may include:
  • Physical demands of the sport and possible performance-enhancing effect that doping may elicit

  • Available doping analysis statistics

  • Available research on doping trends

  • The history of doping in the sport and/or discipline

  • Training periods and the competition calendar

  • Information received on possible doping practices

  • Resources aimed at the detection of doping may be specifically targeted and

  • USADA retains the right to test any athlete at any time.

In-Competition Testing Selection

In-Competition testing plans are primarily developed by coordinating with each National Governing Body (NGB) and are often in accordance with IF rules. Athletes may be selected for testing by USADA based on criteria that typically includes established rules set forth by each IF.
An example of how athletes would be selected for in competition or event testing could be: Placed finishers, such as the top three finishers and randomly selected athletes, such as 5th, 7th, 12th, 18th, 19th, etc.

Out of Competition (OOC) Testing Selection

USADA’s Test Distribution Plan establishes the number of tests per sport based upon the number of athletes in the USADA Registered Testing Pool and in evaluation of the International Standards. USADA also carefully considers selection formulas or requests for target selection of particular Athletes which are proposed by the USOC or a particular NGB. Tests are then allocated to periods throughout the year when OOC Testing is most effective.


Registered Testing Pool

A registered testing pool (RTP) is a pool of top-level athletes who are subject to both In-Competition and Out-of-Competition testing as part of a test distribution plan and must provide whereabouts information. USADA's RTP is updated at a minimum each quarter and is chosen in conjunction with recommendations proposed by each sport national governing body. USADA notifies all athletes of their inclusion in the Registered Testing Pool, after which it becomes the responsibility of the athlete to forward their Whereabouts Filing and thereafter to provide USADA with updated information specifying their whereabouts. USADA's RTP is broken into two pools, which affects whereabouts responsibilities. For more information on whereabouts responsibilities please click here.